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HumanswithAI — Growth Marketing Agency.
We help companies increase their profits.

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Scaling up successful ideas
We stick to strategies that maximize revenue growth. And we extend successful ideas to all stages of the funnel to ensure sustainable, integrated growth.
Trust the numbers
We continually measure results against growth objectives and key performance indicators and optimize them as necessary.

We update our online expertise database on a regular basis, it is much better than a book

Our expertise database

Access materials about AI in advertising and sales, marketing strategy, work with the sales department, and technologies for systematic work with bloggers.

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Develop a holistic strategy so that marketing maximizes business revenue in the long term


Services that are not integrated into a single system can never work for business growth, so we do not divide the configuration of advertising, website development, implementation of CRM, etc. into separate services.

We audit your current marketing strategy to identify your growth potential and make a plan to achieve it.

We use all available marketing and sales automation tools In our work. We have project managers, developers, marketers, copywriters, designers, as well as Growth Hacking teams assigned to our clients’ projects.

We successfully implement marketing strategies by quickly testing hypotheses across the entire funnel – from customer acquisition to sales and post-sales service – and rely on numbers and analytics.

Projects are implemented with us, KPIs are met, and employees on the client side get career advancement.


Growth Hacking team

We quickly test the hypotheses that best fit for your business.

Hypothesis testing takes place in stages of the AAARRR funnel. The growth team tests from 8 hypotheses per week, collecting statistics for each, and scaling successful experiments.

Funnel Stages Informing Attracting Activation Withholding Income and profit Virality
Action List the main advertising channels. Where do users come to us from? Where do users leave an application? Website, social networks, quizzes, messengers, etc. What’s up with sales? CRM setup, scripts, automation. In general, work with the sales department. If a customer hasn’t bought / hasn’t bought for a long time / hasn’t left a request, how do we return it and reactivate it? How can we impact revenue and profits? Do we have a product funnel? Can we run virality mechanics? How does this benefit those who invite and those who are invited?
Metrics Coverage, frequency of impressions, CTR. Conversion into a request, the cost of attracting a lead, rejections, the number of leads per month. Conversion to sales, refusals, the speed of the transaction by stage in the CRM. Retention, churn, conversion to bid/sales, cost of customer retention. LTV, average check, cost price. Depending on where we use the mechanics.

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Our mission and values


HumansWithAI aims to help the best companies in their industries, through marketing and digital, grow and develop, become or remain leaders, make money and improve the level and quality of services and products for end users.

  • Win-Win

    Our customers should receive:

    • help in making money for business;
    • full confidentiality;
    • completely in line with their expectations of our cooperation;
    • impeccable project management, so we are not afraid to show our processes openlyand we are not afraid to make mistakes if we do something new;
    • simplification of life: what we can do for the client, we do for the client, we take the work off the client and do not transfer ours to him.

    We, as a company, have to get:

    • payment for our work, which we consider fair (target profitability of 25%);
    • high confidence in our methods of work, because we are responsible for the result by our reputation;
    • monthly payment for our services;
    • openness to us, both in terms of the relationship and in providing us with the financial and other data we need to achieve our results.

  • Professionalism

    We work with leading companies and compete with the strongest teams. Therefore, in our company, we will always attach great importance to improving everyone’s competences and striving to be among the first to touch all new technologies, methods and approaches, so that our clients will not fall behind in the competition with their help.

  • Freedom

    We are building a modern company, and the company is people. We form a policy that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, we do not require you to sit in the office for 8 hours. We first teach each person in the company personal time-management and bring them up to the general level of the team, so that everyone could work as they feel comfortable, but still achieve the results the client needs.

  • Mentoring

    People learn best from people! 

    1. The Internet is overflowing with knowledge, but you can’t assimilate it unless you put it through an activity.
    2. Practice allows us to make discoveries and begin to truly understand. Understanding is more important than knowledge.
    3. Thinking is more important than remembering. We act differently if we think differently – that is the goal of education.
    4. Thinking develops from prolonged close contact with a carrier of the right thinking. People learn from people, not from watching videos.
    5. The focus is on the process, not the outcome. Live and learn, right?
    6. These are universal principles. Every person is unique, but everyone is the same.

    © Maxim Desyatih. He’s the one to watch.

  • Tolerance of mistakes

    It’s okay to make mistakes! We don’t scold for making mistakes; what matters is how we work through them. Stepping on the same mistakes is bad, but drawing conclusions and learning is exactly what we expect of every person in the company.

  • Openness

    No to complex corporate hierarchies!

    • We talk openly and honestly about all sides of the job.
    • Everyone always has the opportunity to talk directly to the founders of the agency.
    • You can always tell what you like or dislike about the work.
    • We are open to ideas and suggestions.
    • Anyone on the team can ask a question and get an answer.
    • Openly sharing new knowledge.

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