Are you based in Dubai managing a business but finding it challenging to convert high quality leads? It’s possible that your companys growth has hit a roadblock and the marketing budget isn’t yielding the results as before. If this sounds familiar you’re not alone. Many businesses, in Dubai are struggling to attract the clientele.
What if I shared a solution that could transform how you approach lead generation and customer acquisition? This solution leverages intelligence (AI) to enhance your CRM system providing a stream of top tier prospects who are eager to make a purchase.

Key Issues Facing Our Clients

As a business owner or marketer based in Dubai you’ve probably faced challenges, in attracting and converting top notch leads.

Lack of Quality Leads to Growth Slowdown

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Companies in Dubai are hemorrhaging money on ineffective marketing campaigns that fail to attract their ideal customers. All too often, we hear the same lament: “We’re generating leads, but they’re just not converting.”
Casting a wide net may seem like a solid strategy, but in reality, it’s an exercise in futility. Why spend precious resources pursuing prospects who have zero intention of buying what you’re selling?

Growth Slowdown

For companies enjoying a run of success slowing down can be frustrating and even worrying. You have the products talented people and big ambitions to take your business to heights but something seems to be holding you back. Your marketing efforts are not as effective as they used to be. The strategies you relied on before are no longer bringing in the results.
When growth starts to stall it’s an indicator that changes are necessary.. Where should you begin? How can you regain that burst of momentum that propelled your business forward in the place?

Looking for the Best Marketing Partner

I understand where you’re coming from. It seems like you’ve had enough of dealing with marketing agencies that overpromise and underdeliver. It’s frustrating to invest in companies that claim to have all the solutions but end up draining your resources without much to show for it.
Finding a marketing partner who can truly make a difference is no task; it’s, like searching for a specific needle in a massive haystack. What you really need is a team of professionals who grasp your challenges understand the intricacies of your industry and can devise a customized plan to attract targeted leads.
In essence you’re eager for outcomes that lead to increased sales, enhanced revenue and accelerated business expansion. Does this resonate with you? If so look no further. Because the answer you’ve been looking for is now, within your grasp.

AI Will Improve Lead Quality and Increase ROMI to 600-1600%

Introducing the game changer you’ve been seeking; CRM enhancement powered by AI. Through leveraging the potential of machine learning and predictive analysis we can revolutionize how you attract leads and acquire customers providing a flow of top notch prospects eager to engage with your offerings. However we don’t simply rely on AI solutions haphazardly. Our tactics are thoughtfully designed, expertly implemented and consistently refined to achieve results. Here’s a sneak peek, behind the scenes:

Conversion-Focused Advertising

Don’t worry about wasting money on clicks that don’t lead to sales. We’ll revamp your ad strategies to focus on results instead of just numbers, like views or click rates. With the help of your customer data we’ll make sure your ads are tailored precisely to reach your target audience.

Enhanced Contact Capture Forms

Those outdated lead capture forms that drive customers away? We’ll give them a complete makeover, adding intelligent layers that automatically qualify incoming leads on an A-B-C scale the moment they submit their information. No more wasting your sales team’s valuable time chasing dead-end opportunities!

Seamless Data Integration

In todays world of marketing it’s crucial that your advertising platforms, website, messaging tools and customer relationship management systems all work seamlessly together. We’ll fine tune this data network to ensure a flow of information enabling us to continuously enhance your campaigns based on the latest conversion data. It creates a cycle of improvement.
What does all this mean? It results in a marketing mechanism that attracts more of the right customers driving revenue growth while optimizing your marketing return, on investment. Achieving boosts ranging from 600%, to 1600% isn’t just a concept. It’s something our clients have witnessed firsthand time and time again.

Key Benefits of Implementing AI-Based Solutions

Still not convinced that AI-powered CRM could be a game-changer for your business in Dubai? Here are some compelling reasons why our solutions are a cut above the rest:
Focus on Buyers Ready to Purchase
Tired of wasting resources chasing prospects who have no intention of buying from you? Our AI-driven strategies cut through the noise, ensuring your marketing efforts (and budgets) are laser-focused on the customers most likely to convert. It’s like having a crystal ball that reveals your ideal buyers, precisely when they’re primed to make a purchase.
Unified Sales and Marketing Goals
For too long, the sales and marketing teams have been at odds, often working towards different – or even conflicting – objectives. Our AI integration gets everyone rowing in the same direction, fostering unprecedented alignment as these two pivotal departments collaborate to drive revenue growth. No more finger-pointing, just a streamlined revenue generation machine.

Autonomous, Self-Optimizing Solution

Our AI system stands out from marketing methods that rely heavily on effort and come with their fair share of inefficiencies. It operates independently continuously improving to meet your business requirements freeing your teams from workloads. With a focus, on enhancing performance while minimizing hands on management it offers a solution.
Our AI powered CRM solutions go beyond trends or flashy distractions. They signify a change, in how contemporary businesses handle generation and customer acquisition. Embracing this technology on could give you the competitive advantage needed to outpace your competitors.

Improve Lead Quality and Increase ROMI with AI+CRM from HumansWith.Ai

The results speak for themselves: By combining cutting-edge AI with advanced CRM integration, our clients have seen their fortunes transformed. Let me give you a few stellar examples of businesses in Dubai and beyond that thought the game was over – until they discovered the power of our solutions.

Our clients’ results: Dental clinics in Athens and Dubai

Petros Juvanoglu, a dentist with a family heritage of more than 40 years in the field, faced digital marketing challenges for his clinics in Athens and Dubai. Despite a loyal patient base and attempts over the past six years to increase the number of enquiries had only overwhelmed the team without increasing the number of visits to the clinic. After reducing their advertising spend by 80%, they stopped looking for solutions in online advertising, unable to find a single innovative approach that worked.
With our optimisation AI + CRM campaign targeting the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman Petros Dental Clinic in Dubai experienced a game changer:

  • ROMI: Achieved 1609%, converting every AED 1 spent on AED 16.09 in revenue.
  • CPC: Reduced to AED 1.37
  • PL: Improved to AED 120
  • Leads per day: Increased to 15,
  • Quality of leads (A – 36%, B – 53%).

This case shows how optimising AI-powered advertising leads to increased revenue and business growth.

Client results: Leading event organiser at Dubai Opera

Farah, a leading organiser of events at the Dubai Opera, which brings international artists to Dubai, relies on Ticket Operators on Ticket Operators. The operators managed seats and payments, and Farah was responsible for all marketing efforts to attract visitors.

Previously successful social media efforts were no longer generating the necessary volume, and attempts to advertise on Google and YouTube were cost-prohibitive.

Switching to a Google Ads campaign with AI + CRM optimisation targeting Dubai and Abu Dhabi resulted in significant improvements in ticket sales for Farah’s events:

  • ROMI reached 663%, converting every AED spent into AED 6.63 in revenue.
  • CPC reduced to just AED 0.7.
  • CPL reduced to AED 17.
  • Leads per day increased to 50, of which 72% were high quality leads.

Advertising strategies using AI turned Farah’s ticket sales challenges into successes, significantly improving efficiency and profits.
This case study shows how optimising with AI leads to increased revenue and business growth.
These companies covered a range of situations. From struggling to attract high quality leads facing growth plateaus to not seeing results with methods, our AI and CRM optimization strategies led to remarkable success. If you’re looking to achieve outcomes for your business, in Dubai we offer three tailored options:

  • Step by Step Guide: Not ready to fully embrace AI and CRM yet? No worries! Our detailed playbook will guide you through the implementation process at your pace. With instructions, valuable strategies and expert support you’ll be on track to benefit from this solution.
  • Team Training: If you’d rather have us take care of the lifting while training your team to handle AI and CRM optimization term our intensive programs will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge. They’ll become proficient, in running this system for sustainable success.
  • Full Implementation: Alternatively if you prefer us handling everything from start to finish with our premium service we’ve got you covered.Our expert AI and CRM professionals will handle everything ensuring an integration customized to suit your business requirements, in Dubai. Sit back. Relax as we enhance your marketing strategies to reach levels of success!

I understand your thoughts: “This seems promising. I have a queries.” It’s natural to have questions! Changing how you attract leads and acquire customers is a task. To reassure you I’ve addressed some inquiries we get from clients: